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Get Ready for the Hill Country Hangout, April 6th to April 8th in Kerrville, Tx. Check "Upcoming Events" in the Calendar

We are a San Antonio-area association of BMW motorcycle riders, owners, and enthusiasts! The club is a low-keyed organization, committed to the enjoyment of motorcycling and developing camaraderie among its members.

We're an informal group and we encourage family participation in all our activities. We are chartered with both BMW Motorcycle Owners of America (BMWMOA Chapter 62) and BMW Riders Association (BMWRA Chapter 77).

Membership is open to riders of any brand with an interest in BMW motorcycles. Yearly dues are $15 for a single rider or $20 for multiple riders in a household.

We have monthly organized club rides per month along with a yearly Christmas party and picnic. Get to meet other area BMW riders to swap lies, tell stories and have fun. Also, you can get information on upcoming BMW (and other) rallies and events. An informative and sometimes brilliantly written bimonthly newsletter with an events calendar is also available. Free classified advertising for club members in the Newsletter and Want Ads pages. We participate in Fundraisers and support local charities.

K12S Ride 2
Texas National Rally

San Antonio BMW Riders Association
P.O. Box 15143
San Antonio, TX 78212

BMWMOA #62                                              BMWRA #77


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